Graduate School Enrollment Rates Within 4 Years of Bachelor’s Degree

Nearly 46 percent of all 2007–08 bachelor’s degree earners enrolled in a graduate program within four years of graduation, although there exists variation by race and ethnicity. Graduate enrollment rates of bachelor’s degree earners were highest among Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander students and lowest among White students. Generally, the graduate enrollment rate of bachelor’s degree recipients was higher among women than men, with the exception of Hispanic or Latino students, where men had a slightly higher enrollment rate (48.7 percent) than women (45.2 percent). The graduate enrollment rate of Black or African American women was 19.1 percentage points higher than that of Black or African American men—the largest gender gap within any racial or ethnic group.

Graduate Enrollment Rates of 2007-08 Bachelor's Degree Recipients, by Gender and Race and Ethnicity: 2012


U.S. Department of Education, The Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study, B&B 08/12

Estimate suppressed for American Indian or Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander men and women. Reporting standards not met.