Forbearance & Delinquency: Bachelor’s Degree Recipients

Of students who first enrolled in college in 2011-12, many bachelor’s degree recipients experienced forbearance (37.5 percent) or delinquency (31.6 percent) within six years of beginning college. These events were most frequent among Black or African American borrowers, among whom 49.2 percent had a forbearance and 51.2 percent had gone delinquent on a loan.

Six-Year Forbearance and Delinquency Rates: Bachelor's Degree Recipients, by Race and Ethnicity


U.S. Department of Education, Beginning Postsecondary Students, BPS:12/17

Data for the 2012 cohort reflect students who first entered college in 2011-12 and whose highest degree earned by 2017 was a bachelor’s degree. Data reflect all federal student loans taken within the six-year time frame. As a result, loan outcomes may reflect loans taken for additional enrollment beyond the highest degree attained by 2017.

Estimates for groups not separately shown were suppressed due to small sample size.