Academic Department Heads, by Race and Ethnicity

Academic department heads were much less diverse than full-time and part-time faculty. The majority of all academic department heads in 2018-19 were White (84.9 percent), 6.5 percent were Asian, 4.0 percent were Black or African American, 3.4 percent were Hispanic or Latino, and 1.3 percent were from another racial or ethnic background.

Academic Department Heads, by Race and Ethnicity: 2018–19


Bichsel, Jacqueline, Jingyun Li, Jasper McChesney, and Adam Pritchard. 2019. Faculty in Higher Education Annual Report: Key Findings, Trends, and Comprehensive Tables for Tenure-Track, Non-Tenure Teaching, and Non-Tenure Research Faculty; Academic Department Heads; and Adjunct Faculty for the 2018-19 Academic Year. Knoxville, TN: CUPA-HR.

Totals may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding.

The CUPA-HR faculty survey utilizes 2-digit classification of instructional programs (CIP) codes from IPEDS to classify faculty into discipline. The 2018-19 survey provided institutions a list of 34 CIP codes. Institutions were instructed to not report on faculty from disciplines outside of the provided CIP codes.