Full-Time Faculty New Hires, by Race and Ethnicity

Among the more than 51,000 new hires with full-time faculty status in 2017, 60.7 percent were White, 24.5 percent were people of color, 8.7 percent were international, and 6.0 percent had unknown racial and ethnic backgrounds. For-profit institutions had a much higher share of new hires who were people of color (34.1 percent) than any other sector.

New Hires of Full-Time Faculty Within Sectors, by Race and Ethnicity: Fall 2017


U.S. Department of Education, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, 2017

Data reflect full-time new hires with faculty status at public four-year institutions, private nonprofit four-year institutions, public two-year institutions, and for-profit institutions.

Institutions were categorized into sectors based upon control of the institution and the length of the predominant award granted.