GED® Test Performance

Between 2014 and 2018, over 965,000 people took at least one subject-area module of the GED® test, a well-known high school equivalency exam. The majority of GED® test takers completed the exam (70.2 percent), meaning they took all four subject-area modules. Of those completers, 85.3 percent passed and received their GED® credential. The pass rate for all test takers, including those who did not complete all four modules, was 59.9 percent. However, there were differences in completion and pass rates across racial and ethnic groups. White and Asian students had the highest completion rates and Black or African American and Hispanic or Latino students had the lowest. White and Asian students also had the highest pass rates, while Black or African American students had the lowest.

GED® Test Performance, by Race and Ethnicity: 2014 to 2018


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Data includes individuals who completed all four sections of the GED® exam between 2014 and 2018.