Enrollment at TCUs Across Majors

Liberal arts was the most popular field of study among students who were enrolled at TCUs in 2017–18, with roughly one in five students enrolling in this field (21.2 percent). The next most popular major was business (11.9 percent), followed by science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields (10.9 percent). American Indian or Alaska Native students were nearly twice as likely as non-Native students at TCUs to be enrolled in STEM majors (11.7 percent versus 6.0 percent). Non-Native students were much more likely than Native students to be enrolled in health careers and nursing majors (13.6 percent versus 8.6 percent).

Total Enrollment at TCUs of Native and Non-Native Students Across Majors: 2017-18


American Indian Higher Education Consortium, American Indian Measures of Success, 2017-18

Non-Native includes all students who are neither American Indian nor Alaska Native.